Sunday, 11 January 2015

Episode 1: The Basics Contd

Few of my favorite templates

Now that we are done with identifying a good place to find PowerPoint templates, let us just look into few of my all time favorite templates and why do I like them.

1. SWOT Analysis template by SlideShop
A vibrant and colorful template which focuses solely on SWOT analysis, I like this template because of the different formats that the template provides especially the first slide. However, word of caution - the color palette may be a little too overwhelming for some people (but that is totally a personal choice). If you want to try it, here is the link below for your reference:
SWOT Analysis

2. Business Plan template again by SlideShop
SlideShop presentation templates are unique in terms of their color choices and graphics. This one is no different. It is a 25 slide presentation related to business plan with nice vibrant graphics. Again, as above the same word of caution applies. However, you can try it from the link given below to test for yourself.
Business Plan Template

3.  Marketing Process Presentation yet again by SlideShop
Well, it starts appearing as if I am slightly biased towards SlideShop presentations but trust me on this, Again this presentation is vibrant with rich graphics ranging from cyclic process graphs to charts in rich color. Do try it once, if not the complete presentation, you can definitely use parts of it. Download it from here.
Marketing Process

4. Business Deal Presentation by SlideShop
Another presentation template by SlideShop, which has slightly lesser vibrant feel to it as compared to the above ones. However, the graphics and content scope of this presentation makes it highly useful and a look at it will help you come up with some nice presentation idea of yours as well. At least that is what happened to me.

5. Piece of the Puzzle Presentation by PresenterMedia
Now this one has slightly darker tone to it, however, I like this template because of the wide array of graphics and possible permutations and combinations that it offers. Try it for yourself.

So these are few of my favourite templates. Use them and do share your inputs with me regarding the same.

Till next time!!!

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